2017-2018 Catalog 
    Apr 22, 2018  
2017-2018 Catalog

Courses of Instruction

Key to Abbreviations

ACCT Accounting HHK Health & Human Kinetics
ACTV Activity HIST History
AMRS Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Studies HONS Honors
ARAB Arabic INT Interdisciplinary
ART Fine Arts ITAL Italian
ASTR Astronomy JAPN Japanese
BOMI Botany/Microbiology LAS Latin American Studies
BUS Business Administration MES Middle Eastern Studies
BWS Black World Studies MUS Music
CHEM Chemistry MUSP Music Performance
CHIN Chinese NEUR Neuroscience
CLAS Classics PG Politics and Government
CMLT Comparative Literature PHIL Philosophy
COMM Communications PHYS Physics
CS Computer Science PSYC Psychology
DANC Dance REL Religion
DATA Data Analytics RUSS Russian
ECON Economics SJ Social Justice
EDUC Education SOAN Sociology/Anthropology
ENG English SPAN Spanish
ENVS Environmental Studies SWAH Swahili
FREN French THEA Theatre
GEOG Geography UC University Courses
GEOL Geology URB Urban Studies
GERM German WGS Women’s/Gender Studies
GREE Greek-Classical ZOOL Zoology

To aid students in long-range planning, the letters F for fall semester and S for spring semester have been placed after selected course descriptions. All courses carry one unit of academic credit unless otherwise indicated.

Course Selection

Freshmen and sophomores should enroll in courses numbered 100 through 249, but may be permitted to take courses numbered above 250 with the relevant department’s permission. Juniors and seniors should enroll in courses numbered above 250, but may be permitted to take courses numbered below 250 if (a) it is necessary for the major; (b) it is a second (third, etc.) foreign language; (c) it is an elective in the area of science or mathematics where the student does not have the prerequisites for advanced course work; or (d) there is sufficient space in the class after the registration of freshmen and sophomores.


Botany and Microbiology

   •  BOMI 103 - Biology of Cultivated Plants
   •  BOMI 104 - Field Botany
   •  BOMI 106 - Enology
   •  BOMI 107 - Food
   •  BOMI 120 - Introduction to Cell Biology
   •  BOMI 125 - Introduction to Microbiology
   •  BOMI 233 - Ecology and the Human Future
   •  BOMI 252 - Biodiversity of Flowering Plants
   •  BOMI 271 - Genetics
   •  BOMI 280 - Medical Microbiology
   •  BOMI 300 11 - Medical and Medicinal Mycology
   •  BOMI 300 12 - Molecular & Cellular Neuroscience
   •  BOMI 300 9 - Neurobehavioral Genetics
   •  BOMI 318 - Electron Microscopy: Theory and Practice
   •  BOMI 326 - Plant Physiology
   •  BOMI 328 - Bacterial Physiology
   •  BOMI 337 - Adaptive Biology of Plants
   •  BOMI 344 - Plant Communities and Ecosystems
   •  BOMI 353 - Molecular Genetics
   •  BOMI 355 - Plant Responses to Global Change
   •  BOMI 357 - Molecular Biology of Viruses
   •  BOMI 379 - Molecular Techniques
   •  BOMI 490 - Individual Study and Research
   •  BOMI 491 - Directed Readings
   •  BOMI 495 - Apprenticeship
   •  BOMI 499 - Seminar in Current Research