2024-2025 Catalog 
    Jul 21, 2024  
2024-2025 Catalog

Courses of Instruction

Key to Abbreviations

ACCT Accounting
Honors Courses
ACTV Activity INT Interdisciplinary
AMRS Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies ITAL


ART Fine Arts JAPN Japanese
ASTR Astronomy LAS Latin American Studies
BIOL Biology LATI Latin
BUS Business Administration MATH Mathematics
BWS Black World Studies MES Middle Eastern Studies
CHEM Chemistry MUS Music
Classics MUSP
Music Performance
COMM Communication NEUR Neuroscience
CS Computer Science
DANC Dance NYAP New York Arts Program
Data Analytics
PG Politics and Government
PHIL Philosophy
EDUC Education PHYS Physics
EAP English for Academic Purposes PSYC Psychology
ENG English PUBH Public Health
Environment & Sustainability
REL Religion



FREN French SPAN Spanish
GEOG Geography SWAH Swahili
GERM German


GREE Greek UC University Courses
HHK Health & Human Kinetics URB Urban Studies
HIST History WGS Women’s/Gender Studies

To aid students in long-range planning, the letters F for fall semester and S for spring semester have been placed after selected course descriptions. All courses carry one unit of academic credit unless otherwise indicated.

Course Selection

Students should carefully review all prerequisites, corequisites, recommended coursework, and program guidelines in Majors & Minors when selecting courses, working closely with their academic advisors to identify classes appropriate for their academic background and interests. For courses without prerequisites or recommended background, the following guidelines apply. Courses numbered 100-249 are considered lower-level and are generally appropriate for students with little to no coursework or prior experience in a discipline. Courses numbered 250-499 are considered upper-level and are generally appropriate for students with prior coursework or experience in a discipline. If a student is uncertain about whether a course is right for them, they should consult with their academic advisor and/or the chairperson of the academic program which offers the course.


Latin American Studies