2023-2024 Catalog 
    Apr 23, 2024  
2023-2024 Catalog

FREN 351 - Culture of Empire, Culture of Resistance: Representation and Power in the French-Speaking World from Imperialism to Decolonization

In this course, we engage with literature and culture in the broad sense of the terms as we
consider various media, including an array of literary genres as well as films, paintings, and
music. The objective is to investigate how culture and voice shaped imperialism through
decolonization alike throughout the French-speaking world. Namely, we examine the stakes of
representation through Orientalism, imperialism, and decolonization. We therefore consider
France, the French colonial project, and the evolution of the francophone world across various
historical and cultural moments from the 19 th  to the 21 st  centuries.
This course is designed with both content and skills in mind. It will introduce students to cultural
documents that illustrate France’s imperial project, the development of francophonie, and to a
host of political, cultural, and economic issues associated with postcolonial studies. In addition,
through discussion, a midterm exam, oral presentations, and short research / reflection papers,
students will develop close reading, critical thinking, research, advanced writing, and public
presentation skills. Prerequisite: FREN 250 . (Group III) (Diversity - only when concentration is Francophone literature studies course)