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Ohio Wesleyan University    
2016-2017 Catalog 
  Sep 25, 2017
2016-2017 Catalog

Astrophysics Major

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Professors Andereck, Haring-Kaye, Harmon, Trees
Assistant Professor Fink

The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers a flexible program designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of students who are usually interested in one of the following options: (1) preparation for graduate study in physics or astronomy; (2) secondary education; (3) pre-engineering; (4) preparation for graduate school in a field cognate to physics; (5) preparation for professional school in medicine, dentistry, or law; (6) employment in physics- or astronomy-related positions in industry or government. Students wishing to major in the department will  normally complete during the freshman year the general physics sequence (PHYS 110 C , PHYS 110 L , PHYS 111 C  and PHYS 111 L ) and MATH 110  and MATH 111 ; MATH 280C, MATH 280L, and MATH 210  should normally be completed in the sophomore year. Pre-engineering students must take a year of introductory chemistry (CHEM 110 , CHEM 111 ) during their residency at Ohio Wesleyan. Some of these requirements also can be met by transfer of credits, proficiency examinations, or advanced placement.

The astrophysics major is intended to prepare the student for graduate study in astrophysics or in physics, or for employment in the same types of jobs for which a physics major is prepared. The major provides the strong background in physics and mathematics required for a deep understanding of astrophysical phenomena.

Students may not major in both physics and astrophysics, or major in astrophysics and minor in physics. Students may major in physics and minor in astrophysics but not major in physics and minor in astronomy.

Major Requirements

ASTR 310 , ASTR 311 , ASTR 345 , ASTR 498 , ASTR 499 ; PHYS 110 C , PHYS 110 L , PHYS 111 C , PHYS 111 L , PHYS 280 C , PHYS 280 L , PHYS 310  or PHYS 320 , PHYS 360 , PHYS 380 ; MATH 110 , MATH 111 , MATH 210 , MATH 280 . Astrophysics graduate school preparation should include the remaining of PHYS 310  and PHYS 320  and, if possible, PHYS 381 .


Recommended: CS 110 ; MATH 270 , MATH 330 , MATH 380 .

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