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Ohio Wesleyan University    
2016-2017 Catalog 
  Sep 24, 2017
2016-2017 Catalog

Religion Major

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Professors Michael, Twesigye
Associate Professors Eastman, Gunasti

A prime motivation for the founding of Ohio Wesleyan was the training of a skilled and literate ministry. Almost 150 years later, the study of religion remains vital, but is no longer confined to those planning to enter the professional ministry, nor to those who themselves have ardent personal religious convictions. Rather, students planning careers in business, social services, law, homemaking, medicine, education and other fields benefit from the careful study of religious phenomena and history. Students invariably discover that knowledge of and appreciation for the depth of religious motivations, as well as the pervasiveness and permanence of religious behaviors, prove helpful in their professional lives. Additionally, many of these same students find that their personal faith and devotional life are strengthened by first looking objectively at the faith and devotion of other religious persons.

NOTE: A combination of the Religion Major, Religion Minor, and/or Pre-Theology Major is not permitted within the Department.

SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY: Religion Majors and Minors and Pre-Theology Majors may take up to two courses at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio under our concurrent enrollment agreement. Permission of the department chair required.

Major Requirements

Students complete nine unit courses in religion (two half-unit courses may count as a unit course). Two courses each must be in two of the areas below, and a fifth course must be in the remaining area. Two elective religion courses from the below groups, and two courses are the Capstone sequence—REL 270  and REL 498 /REL 499  (0.5 units each).

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