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Ohio Wesleyan University    
2016-2017 Catalog 
  Sep 24, 2017
2016-2017 Catalog

Urban Studies Major

Advisor - To Be Announced

Almost 85 percent of Americans live in cities, 40 percent in the 20 largest urban regions. The urban studies major is a multi-disciplinary program dealing with the character and evolution of complex urban systems, especially the city system of the United States. It is designed to stimulate insights and to introduce students to urban problem-solving, urban planning, and public policy formation. The major integrates urban-oriented materials from the major divisions of knowledge: social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, and the arts. It is a flexible program:  students develop a specific pattern of courses in consultation with the program advisor. The program helps students to be better urban citizens and prepares them for graduate study or  employment. Students majoring in urban studies must complete a second major in a traditional course of study (e.g., , sociology, politics and government, economics, etc.).

Major Requirements

The major is comprised of 12-14 courses, including seven courses from the urban core (Category I below), one of which must be senior seminar/research URB 499 ; GEOG 380  may substitute for this course; four from Categories I or II (below); and 1-3 units of off-campus study or work experience (apprenticeship) as approved by the urban studies advisor.