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Ohio Wesleyan University    
2016-2017 Catalog 
  Sep 25, 2017
2016-2017 Catalog

ACS Certified Chemistry Major

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Professors Brugh, Lance, Vogt
Associate Professors Grunkemeyer, Lever, Thomas

The department offers the four majors described below to help students understand their world at the molecular level and to prepare for careers in chemistry and the allied health sciences. Students interested in the health professions should also consult the Pre-medicine/dentistry section of this Catalog. Students interested in molecular-science-based areas, such as environmental studies, geochemistry, molecular biophysics, or pharmacology, are encouraged to gain a solid foundation in chemistry.

All courses for the major or minor, including cognates, must bear a letter grade; none will be accepted credit/no entry. Also, chemistry courses taken during summer school at any college or university will not count toward a minor or major in the Department. Students are strongly encouraged to take cognates at OWU.

This major meets the recommendations of the American Chemical Society Committee on Professional Training. Students completing the major will be certified by the American Chemical Society. ACS certified majors are particularly attractive to industry. With the more extensive curricular development of this major, students are also better prepared for graduate study in chemistry and biochemistry and for industrial research. This major is strongly recommended for students pursuing a career in chemistry.

Secondary Education Licensure:
Students interested in teaching high school chemistry are required to meet chemistry licensure requirements. The specific requirements are available from the education department.


Recommendations. Students electing to do the Basic Major are encouraged to increase their curricular development by taking additional science courses, particularly if they wish to pursue graduate work in chemistry. In selecting those courses students should consult with their academic advisors and the chemistry faculty.

When possible, chemistry majors are encouraged to complete courses such as CHEM 340  and CHEM 351  by the end of their junior years. This schedule will maximize the value of research experiences available both within and outside of the department.

Students interested in graduate study in chemistry should demonstrate their mastery of the discipline by taking the chemistry (subject) test of the Graduate Record Examination by December of the senior year.

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