2020-2021 Catalog 
    Jan 29, 2022  
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Pre-Physical Therapy Sequence

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Advisor — Dr. Hamill, Zoology

The pre-physical therapy sequence includes those courses typically required for admission to master’s or doctoral programs in physical therapy. However, this sequence does not constitute a major. A student must meet the requirements of an established major. While any major is acceptable, Ohio Wesleyan students most commonly prepare for graduate school in physical therapy by completing a major in Zoology, Psychology, or Health and Human Kinetics (Exercise Science Concentration).

Students interested in physical therapy should consult with the pre-physical therapy advisor early in their college careers for information on ways to become a physical therapist and for the entrance requirements of specific professional schools. Students also must have recent experience in observing, or preferably assisting, a registered physical therapist.

Major Requirements

Course requirements for different graduate programs vary considerably, so it is very important to learn the requirements for specific programs of interest to you. However, the majority of programs require a year of general biology, a year of anatomy and physiology, a year of chemistry, a year of physics, at least a year of social science (typically psychology), and statistics. Some programs also require exercise physiology. Ohio Wesleyan courses likely to fill these requirements include BIOL 120  (general biology) and BIOL 122 , ZOOL 325  and ZOOL 331  or ZOOL 329 (or ZOOL 251 ) (anatomy and physiology), CHEM 110  and CHEM 111 , PHYS 115  and PHYS 116 , MATH 105  or PSYC 210  (statistics), HHK 365  (Physiology of Exercise), and PSYC 110  plus one or two other courses that might include PSYC 262 , PSYC 282 , PSYC 288 , PSYC 275 PSYC 322 , PSYC 333 , and PSYC 336 . Students may also wish to do an internship (495) with a physical therapist.

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