2020-2021 Catalog 
    Nov 28, 2021  
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Film Studies Minor

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The film studies minor is an interdisciplinary minor which provides students interested in film study an opportunity to declare and document this interest. Studying film develops both visual literacy and language analysis skills. In a media-saturated culture, these skills are especially important ones for students to cultivate. Motion pictures are no longer confined to the big screen, but are viewed by millions of people worldwide on screens of all sizes. The advent of relatively inexpensive, highly portable, and user-friendly video cameras and editing equipment has vastly expanded the number of people worldwide who are making and distributing movies. The skill to analyze and comment intelligently on these ubiquitous cultural artifacts is essential to the liberally educated in the Twenty-first Century. Students can also develop basic filmmaking skills. The minor consists of five units.

Minor Requirements

Core Curriculum

Five units are required. In addition to ENG 254, which is required of all Film Studies minors, students must take at least 2 units from Group A and at least 1 unit from Group B.

Group A: Courses with a primary focus on film (minimum of 4 units)

Students may take a maximum of 2 film-focused Independent Studies (490), Directed Readings (491), or Apprenticeships (495) courses to fulfill this requirement.

  • CMLT 300 3  Cinemas of the Middle East
  • CMLT 321  East Asian Film
  • COMM 300 5  Video Production
  • COMM 400 1  Advanced Video Production
  • ENG 100 6  Narratives in Film and Television (.5 unit)
  • ENG 319   Screenwriting
  • ENG 300 x  Topics in Film (to be proposed)
  • FLMS 495  Apprenticeship: Film Studies
  • FREN 300 1  French Language Film (PRE)
  • GERM 300 1 Landmarks Films of the German Language (PRE)
  • MUS 300 9 Analysis of Music in Film
  • SOAN 365 Ethnographic and Documentary Film and Filmmaking
  • SPAN 190 5 Through the Spanish Lens: Contemporary Spanish Society and Culture Through Cinema
  • SPAN 310 Spanish Conversation and Culture through Film (COR)


Group B: Courses with a significant focus on film or skills relevant to film (minimum of 1 unit)

  • ART 355 Photography I (PRE)
  • CMLT 100 1 Space and Place in Literature and Film
  • CMLT 200 1 Cosmopolitanism in Literature and Film
  • CMLT 499 C Refiguring the Divide: The Arab Jew in Literature and Film
  • ENG 480 Advanced Creative Writing (Screenwriting) (PRE)
  • FREN 300 4 Contemporary Franco-Arab Cultural Exchanges: Exploring the Literature and Film of French Expression from the Maghreb and Mashreq (PRE)
  • JOUR/WGS 300 2   Women and the Media
  • PHIL 190 6 Zombie 101
  • SOAN 117  Social Problems in The Wire
  • SPAN 300 10  Spanish Crime Fiction: Femmes Fatales, Murderers, and Other Outcasts (PRE)
  • SPAN 370  The Child in Contemporary Latin American Literature and Film (PRE)
  • THEA 210  Beginning Acting


Group C: Cognate courses

  • ART 111          Survey of Art History
  • ART 112          Two-Dimensional Design
  • ART 345          Modern Art (PRE)
  • ART 347          Contemporary Art (PRE)
  • ART 353          Computer Imaging I (PRE)
  • COMM 200 2   Introduction to Visual Communication
  • ENG 150          Introduction to Literary Study
  • MUS 105         Appreciation of Music Literature
  • THEA 220       Movement (PRE)
  • THEA 369/ENG 318  Playwriting (PRE)
  • THEA 126       Introduction to Technical Theatre
  • THEA 380       Directing for the Stage (PRE)


Topic-dependent courses when the topic focuses on film (may count as group A, B, or C depending on the focus; counting these courses in the major requires approval from the Film Studies Program director)

  • CMLT 499 A               The Myths of the “Oriental” Woman
  • ENG 484                      Seminar in British and Postcolonial Literature
  • ENG 486                      Seminar in American Literature
  • FREN 499                    Seminar: Special Topics in French (PRE)
  • SPAN 499                    Seminar: Special Topics in Spanish (PRE)
  • ENG 224/BWS 224     African American Images
  • ENG 226                      American Images
  • ENG 268/BWS 268        Black Women’s Literary Traditions
  • ENG 369/BWS 369         Genre Studies in African American Literature
  • PHIL 310                     Special Topics in Philosophy: Philosophy and Film

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