2020-2021 Catalog 
    Oct 05, 2022  
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Pre-Theology Major

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(Pre-Theology Advisor — Dr. Michael)

In consultation with the pre-theology advisor, the student plans an interdisciplinary curriculum preparatory to graduate theological studies or to specialized ministries.

NOTE: A combination of the Religion Major, Religion Minor, and/or Pre-Theology Major is not permitted within the Department.

SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY: Religion Majors and Minors and Pre-Theology Majors may take up to two courses at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio under our concurrent enrollment agreement. Permission of the department chair required.

Learning Objectives

1. Students will learn how in complex ways religion both explicitly and implicitly influences cultures, politics, laws and values of western and non-western societies, including Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, Latin American and African societies.

2. Students will learn the skills and gain the necessary intellectual, cultural and theological tools to identify and then correctly explore the key roles and societal functions of religious thought, myths, ritual practices, moral values, and sacraments in the lives of individuals, communities and nations.

3. Students will learn how to read, correctly understand the meanings of the texts, and appreciate religious and cultural, historical, philosophical, moral and political contexts as the background to understand critically the sacred texts or scriptures of some major religions.

4. Students will learn the necessary research methodologies in religion and textual criticism methods to enable them to study the chosen scriptural texts and interpret them correctly.

5. Students will learn to employ ethical reasoning, critical thinking and analytical skills as the essential tools for critical study and understanding of religion and moral theology or religious ethics.

6. Student will learn writing and academic communication skills through conducting research for term papers and presenting them in class.

7. Students will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in graduate school, law school, seminary or to work as a youth minister, or work in various political and other organizations, which require deep understanding of the major role religion and ethics play in shaping people’s cultures, values, attitudes to laws, public and private behaviors, political activities, and formulation of laws and public policies.

Major Requirements

In total 13 courses are required. They must be distributed as follows. (I) Five religion courses with at least one course in each area (see below). (II) Five psychology and sociology/anthropology courses with at least one course in each of those departments. (III) Two courses from the humanities division outside the religion department. (IV) Capstone—either REL 495 - Internship , or completion of one course through concurrent enrollment at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio.

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