2021-2022 Catalog 
    Sep 27, 2021  
2021-2022 Catalog

Finance Minor

The finance minor complements a wide variety of majors by adding a dimension of analytical and practical application of finance theory.  You will integrate cases on real companies with theoretical instruction in the classroom to develop a framework for financial problem solving.  Topics covered include corporate finance, investments, mergers and acquisitions, accounting, international finance, financial derivatives and wealth management. 

Curriculum (minimum 5.0 units):


3 units of upper-level FIN courses.  Any combination of two module courses (0.5 units) is equivalent to one unit.  Elective course offerings change every year, and new ones are sometimes developed. Talk to Prof. MacLeod or Prof. Younkman for updated information.

Finance majors are not eligible for a Finance minor.


Elective course offerings in finance generally change every year, and sometimes new ones are developed.  Talk to Prof. MacLeod or Prof. Younkman for the latest information.

In keeping with standard practice in the Economics and Business Department, students cannot “double-count” more than two units with any other curriculum within the department. If a student’s major/minor combinations result in more than two units of overlap of required courses, the student must substitute an additional course to cover the overlap. For example, Business Administration majors must take at least 2.5 units of this proposed finance minor. A Business Administration major wanting to minor in finance will need to take an additional minimum 0.5 unit finance or business course.