2023-2024 Catalog 
    May 26, 2024  
2023-2024 Catalog

Theatre Major and Education Minor

Learning Objectives

Theatre & Dance students will be able to:

A.  Analyze and interpret theatre and dance texts and practices within the context of artistic and social movements throughout time and cultures.

B.  Improve and refine written, oral, and visual literacies, particularly as they pertain to the performing arts.

C.  Understand the theories behind discipline-specific processes and apply them to the creation of theatre and dance performances.

D.  Develop creative, collaborative, and critical thinking capabilities and apply these skills in pre-professional production environments.

E.  Develop and apply knowledge and skills in a particular area(s) into a senior project aligned with those interests and demonstrating proficiency with them.

F.  Prepare to apply knowledge and skills to and for jobs in theatre and dance, graduate-level study, professional internships, or positions in education or other related fields informed by the student’s additional major(s) and/or minor(s).

Minor Requirements

The subject matter preparation of a student in the adolescence to young adult and multi-age licensure programs include completion of an OWU major and of specific licensure requirements in the student’s teaching area.

The following courses in education are required: EDUC 110 , EDUC 251 , EDUC 377 , EDUC 471 , EDUC 472 , EDUC 473 , EDUC 474 , plus additional methods course(s) in the teaching area.

Normally, all 11 units required for the theatre major (including THEA 126 - Introduction to Technical Theatre , THEA 160  (Beginning Acting), one unit from DANC, THEA 256 - Elements of Design , THEA 341 - American Drama and Theatre , THEA 351 - Drama and Theatre to 1700 , THEA 371 - Modern Drama and Theatre , THEA 369 - Playwriting  or THEA 380 - Directing for the Stage , THEA 381 - Theories of Performance , one unit of Practicum from THEA 237 /THEA 247  or THEA 337 /THEA 347 ), plus THEA 259  and THEA 359 , and courses required by the Education Department lead to the multi-age license (PreK-12) to teach theatre from the State of Ohio (see above).  It is important to inform the department of your interest as soon as possible.