2023-2024 Catalog 
    Feb 29, 2024  
2023-2024 Catalog

Educational Studies Major

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Associate Professor Kaka, Assistant Professors Nobel, Kang and Deitz

Instructor Hall

The Educational Studies major at OWU is the only education major that does not lead to a teaching license. Rather, students who pursue this major seek to be in an education related field or have an interest in educational studies, but may not have a desire to teach in a traditional school setting. This major will set OWU students on the path to become social workers, school counselors, education policy analysts, teachers in charter or private schools, or attend graduate school in the learning sciences, school psychology, or law school. It would also provide a foundation for graduates to pursue a Master of Arts in Teaching degree in the future, if they decide to become a teacher after working in a related field. The integrated elective course options will be chosen after discussing their future career path/interest with their advisor; students and their advisors will choose which ones best fit the student’s intended career.

Learning Outcomes for Educational Studies majors

Successful majors will provide evidence of their:

  1. knowledge of human development, motivation, and learning, as well as the individual and contextual factors which guide one’s ability to develop instruction that is appropriate for all students.
  2. knowledge of a variety of instructional strategies and materials, including technology integration, that encourage students’ problem-solving, critical thinking, and the ability to select and implement instructional strategies that account for and adapt to all contexts, learners, and content.

  3. knowledge of a variety of assessment strategies that can be embedded in instruction and an understanding of their use for formative and summative evaluation of student learning.

  4. recognition of the importance of the teaching profession in today’s ever-changing world

  5. understanding of the need to ensure that democratic ideals for a diverse society are the foundation of all teaching and learning.

  6. understanding of the importance of engaging in reflective practice and lifelong professional development.

The Educational Studies major requires the following 9 courses:

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