2024-2025 Catalog 
    Jun 14, 2024  
2024-2025 Catalog

Biochemistry, B.A.

Associate Professor Grunkemeyer

Assistant Professors Rudd, Tomcho, Walby

The B.A. Biochemistry Major is designed for students who wish to obtain a biochemistry background that is ancillary to another major or area of interest. This major requires sufficient breadth and depth in biochemistry while still providing flexibility in choice of courses in order to meet students’ needs and interests. This major is appropriate for students intending to pursue careers in medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, secondary school teaching, industrial sales, or other fields, such as graduate work in molecular biology, that require or benefit from a biochemistry background. The B.A. Biochemistry Major is not intended for students planning on pursuing graduate work in biochemistry or a professional career as an industrial biochemist.

Learning Objectives

The Biochemistry Major seeks to provide students with experiences that enable them to:

  • Achieve a solid foundation in major areas of chemistry with an emphasis on Biochemistry, such that they understand and can apply the fundamental laws and theories of chemistry in the various sub-disciplines and understand the central role of chemistry in the sciences.
  • Understand the relationship between molecular properties and macroscopic behavior by providing them with the skill to use chemical and mathematical symbols and equations to represent the behavior of matter at the macroscopic, molecular and atomic levels.
  • Exercise critical discernment of the key features of chemical problems and apply knowledge and judgment to solve such problems, including the design and execution of experiments and computations involving the synthesis of molecules and characterization of chemical properties and phenomena via experimental and computational techniques using modern instrumentation and computer technologies.
  • Communicate effectively, including accessing and using major information sources of the discipline, conveying (orally and in writing) the results of scientific inquiry in a clear and professionally acceptable manner, and working cooperatively with others in team settings.
  • Prepare for professional attainment.