2018-2019 Catalog 
    Sep 24, 2018  
2018-2019 Catalog

Courses of Instruction

Key to Abbreviations

ACCT Accounting HHK Health & Human Kinetics
ACTV Activity HIST History
AMRS Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies HONS Honors Courses
ART Fine Arts INT Interdisciplinary
ASTR Astronomy


BIOL Biology JAPN Japanese
BOMI Botany/Microbiology JOUR Journalism
BUS Business Administration LAS
Latin American Studies
Black World Studies LATI Latin
CHEM Chemistry MES Middle Eastern Studies
CHIN Chinese MUS Music
CLAS Classics MUSP Music Performance
CMLT Comparative Literature NEUR Neuroscience
COMM Communications PG Politics and Government
CS Computer Science PHIL Philosophy
DANC Dance PHYS Physics
DATA Data Analytics PSYC Psychology
ECON Economics


EDUC Education RUSS Russian
ENG English SOAN Sociology/Anthropology

Environment &





GEOG Geography THEA Theatre
GEOL Geology UC University Courses
GERM German URB Urban Studies
GREE Greek WGS Women’s/Gender Studies
    ZOOL Zoology

To aid students in long-range planning, the letters F for fall semester and S for spring semester have been placed after selected course descriptions. All courses carry one unit of academic credit unless otherwise indicated.

Course Selection

Freshmen and sophomores should enroll in courses numbered 100 through 249, but may be permitted to take courses numbered above 250 with the relevant department’s permission. Juniors and seniors should enroll in courses numbered above 250, but may be permitted to take courses numbered below 250 if (a) it is necessary for the major; (b) it is a second (third, etc.) foreign language; (c) it is an elective in the area of science or mathematics where the student does not have the prerequisites for advanced course work; or (d) there is sufficient space in the class after the registration of freshmen and sophomores.



   •  ACCT 095 - Summer Intern Experience
   •  ACCT 217 - Principles of Financial Accounting
   •  ACCT 280 - Financial Statement Analysis
   •  ACCT 341 - Managerial Accounting
   •  ACCT 342 - Intermediate Accounting I
   •  ACCT 343 - Federal Income Tax Accounting
   •  ACCT 348 - Business Law I
   •  ACCT 349 - Business Law II
   •  ACCT 350 - Cost Accounting
   •  ACCT 351 - Accounting Systems
   •  ACCT 352 - Intermediate Accounting II
   •  ACCT 353 - Auditing
   •  ACCT 473 - Advanced Accounting Issues and Problems
   •  ACCT 490 A - Independent Study
   •  ACCT 490 B - Group Independent Study
   •  ACCT 491 - Directed Readings
   •  ACCT 495 - Apprenticeship Program