2022-2023 Catalog 
    Sep 26, 2022  
2022-2023 Catalog

East Asian Studies Minor

Minor Requirements

Minimum of four courses plus four East Asian language courses.


Minimum of four semesters. Two courses may be taken during study abroad.

Other Courses

  • Four courses, of which at least one must be either HIST 116  (Introduction to Pacific Asia) or PG 349  (East Asian Politics). Two of the remaining three courses must be drawn from Category I below. An Independent Study or Directed Readings may substitute for one of the Category II courses.

Category I

Courses focusing primarily on East Asia

  • ECON 345  - The Economic Growth of Modern Japan or BUS 345  - The Economic Growth of Modern Japan 
  • HIST 116  - Introduction to Pacific Asia
  • HIST 275  - Modern China
  • HIST 324  - Topics in Asian History
  • HIST 325  - Modern Japan
  • PG 349  - East Asian Politics
  • PG 300 40  - Great Power Politics and US-China Relations
  • SOAN 293  - East Asia Yesterday and Today
  • REL 104  - Religions of the East
  • REL 346  - Chinese and Japanese Religion

Category II

Courses not focusing specifically on East Asia, but including East Asian content.

ART 348  (Asian Art), MUS 348  (Music in World Cultures), PG 112  (Global Issues), PG 364  (International Political Economy)

Students using courses from Category II for credit in the major or minor must complete a research paper or project dealing with East Asia. Approval of the paper must be granted by the instructor and by the Director of East Asian Studies. Additional courses dealing with East Asia are offered on an occasional or temporary basis. Contact the EAS Program Director about whether such courses count for major credit in either Category I or Category II.