2022-2023 Catalog 
    May 17, 2024  
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music Education (Vocal), Bachelor of Arts

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Preparing to become a music teacher at OWU is based on three crucial pillars: a strong foundation in the content area (e.g., fundamentals of musicianship), an appreciation for multiple perspectives by exploring how problems are approached and solved in a variety of disciplines (e.g., a liberal arts curriculum), and the development of leadership skills in diverse school environments as pre-service teachers practice how to help their students learn (e.g., field experience and student teaching). Additionally, our balanced music education program provides teaching licensure while also offering students the opportunity to double-major in another discipline.

Music Education - Vocal majors must complete a total of 34 graduation units, including seven semesters in a primary performance area large ensemble (minimum 1.75 units in Choral Arts Society), seven semesters of applied study in Voice (minimum 1.75 units), and three semesters of applied study in piano accompaniment (minimum .75 units). Music Education Vocal majors select two instrumental methods courses from MUS 241, MUS 243, MUS 245 and MUS 247. In addition to the primary ensemble requirement, at least one semester is required in a secondary large instrumental ensemble (e.g., Symphonic Wind Ensemble or Orchestra).

Learning Objectives

  1. Analyze and describe fundamental concepts of music theory, music pedagogy, and the historical perspectives associated with diverse styles of music.
  2. Demonstrate proficient skills applying the foundations of music associated with aural skills, piano accompaniment, singing, conducting, rehearsal techniques, improvisation, arranging, composition, and instrumental performance.
  3. Demonstrate advanced performance skill in solo, chamber, and large ensemble performance for a primary area of applied study (instrument or voice).
  4. Engage in K-12 field teaching scenarios and apply effective music pedagogy to the development of student-centered lessons that facilitate music learning in performance and creative musicianship.

Major Requirements

(34 units)

General Education = 14 units*

  • ENG 105 - Freshman Writing Seminar
  • Foreign Language 110
  • Foreign Language 111
  • Group I, Social Science 1**
  • Group I, Social Science 2**
  • Group II, Natural Science Elective 1
  • Group II, Natural Science Elective 2
  • Group III, Humanities Elective 1
  • Group III, Humanities Elective 2
  • Group IV, Arts Elective 1
  • Group IV, Arts Elective 2
  • Electives (4.75 units)
  • UC 160 OWU Experience

* This program extends the OWU curricular exception for the BA of Music (a 2221 general education formula) and expands it to an equal distribution of 2222 gen ed courses.

** EDUC 110 and 251 also satisfy Group I gen ed requirements, but are included with the Professional Education requirements below.

Professional Education = 7 units

Vocal Music Education = 13 units

  • MUSP xxx (Primary Ensemble)
  • MUSP xxx (Secondary Ensemble)
  • MUSP 2xx (Primary Applied Lesson)
  • MUSP 2xx (Applied Piano)
  • MUS 108 - Intro to Music Education
  • MUS 109 - Survey of Music Literature
  • MUS 116 - Class Piano 1
  • MUS 117 - Class Piano 2
  • MUS 155 - Music Theory 1
  • MUS 156 - Music Theory 2
  • MUS 255 - Music Theory 3
  • MUS 165 - Aural Skills 1
  • MUS 166 - Aural Skills 2
  • MUS 265 - Aural Skills 3
  • MUS 24x - Instrumental Methods
  • MUS 24x - Instrumental Methods
  • MUS 250 - Conducting I
  • MUS 251 - Conducting II
  • MUS 3xx - Music History
  • MUS 373 - Elementary Music Methods
  • MUS 374 - Secondary Music Methods


Diversity, Quantitative, and Writing requirements must be satisfied in general ed or music courses.

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