2023-2024 Catalog 
    May 26, 2024  
2023-2024 Catalog

Renaissance Studies Minor

Minor Requirements

Students may complete a minor in one of the three tracks. The minors consist of six courses: two Foundation courses, two Core courses, and two Elective courses. No more than two courses from any one department may be counted toward the completion of an AMRS minor. A student may complete either the combination of an AMRS major and an AMRS minor in a different track, or two AMRS minors, provided that no more than one course is counted toward both the major and the minor, or toward both minors.


For the AMRS majors and minors, courses in Latin and Greek (LATI/GREE) shall be counted as belonging to a separate department from other Classics (CLAS) courses. Core courses not taken to satisfy the Core requirements may be taken to satisfy the Electives requirements; students may also satisfy the Elective requirement by choosing from upper-level (250 and above) courses listed in any other AMRS track. Students may consult the Director of AMRS, Prof. DeMarco, or one of the AMRS faculty advisors for guidance in choosing Elective courses that will complement their coursework in the major.

Participating departments include: classics, English, fine arts, history, music, philosophy and religion, world languages and cultures.