2022-2023 Catalog 
    May 26, 2024  
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health and Human Kinetics General Major

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Professor Martin
Associate Professor Fink
Assistant Professors Busch, Nix

Students preparing for careers or graduate school programs related to health and human kinetics may adopt the General Health and Human Kinetics (HHK) Major. HHK General majors, as well as those with concentrations in Exercise Science or Health Promotion, must be certified in First Aid and Adult and Pediatric CPR through an approved organization before they complete HHK 260 , and students must maintain certification in Adult and Pediatric CPR and First Aid through graduation. Several American Red Cross classes are offered on campus each year. Recertification opportunities are also offered on a regular basis.

Students majoring in HHK (not Nutrition) have an altered general OWU distribution requirement – HHK majors are required to take 2 courses from Categories I, II, and III, and 1 course from Category IV. 

The HHK General major prepares the student for a variety of options within the field and allows for an integrative approach to building a course of study. Students interested in a combination of the HHK concentrations could use the flexible requirements to structure their courses around key areas of interest within the department. General HHK majors are well prepared for graduate study and/or careers in health, movement, wellness, or sport.

Learning Objectives

Students in HHK will demonstrate increased competency in the following areas as they progress across the departmental curriculum.

1.  Students will demonstrate a competency in current, evidence-based content in the field.

2.  Students will demonstrate the ability to apply this content to their own health, movement, nutrition, and/or sport practices.

3.  Students will effectively use content and theoretical foundations to predict and plan experiences for a range of populations in health, movement, nutrition, and/or sport.

4.  Students will effectively integrate theoretical foundations and applied experiences in health, movement, nutrition, and/or sport to take a critical stand on pertinent issues in the field.

5.  Students will demonstrate an ability to apply content, theory, and experiences in a complex and varying environment, to assess outcomes, and then reflect on and improve their practices in these environments. 

6.  Students will use their growth in the field in leadership positions where they connect with and serve a range of communities.

7.  Students will demonstrate an ability to critically reflect on their growth across the HHK curriculum.

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