2023-2024 Catalog 
    Dec 10, 2023  
2023-2024 Catalog

Film Studies Major

The interdisciplinary Film Studies major will help you develop the knowledge and skills to become an adept analyst of film.

The Interdepartmental Program in Film Studies allows students to take film-related courses in a broad range of separate disciplines (Fine Arts, Communication, Performing Arts, English, Spanish, etc.) and can take courses such as screenwriting, Latin American Cinema, Video Production, Editing and Design, Acting, Analysis of Music in Film, Black Identity, Female Filmmakers, and many more.

Many Film Studies Majors gain real experience through internships and off campus program opportunities.

At OWU you’ll have the opportunity to work immediately in your favorite field by becoming a Film Studies Intern and collaborating with us in one of the program initiatives.

Our OWU graduates have been able to compete successfully for admission to prestigious film schools and graduate programs; for positions in film and video production, distribution and exhibition; and with jobs as editors, producers, actors and filmmakers.

Learning Objectives

The following is a list of skills and areas of knowledge we expect students to develop as Film Studies majors.

1. History and context

  • knowledge of the history and evolution of motion pictures

  • understanding of the cultural, political, economic, and aesthetic contexts within which motion pictures are produced, including in international cinema

2. Theory

  • familiarity with the basic vocabulary of filmmaking and film analysis

  • familiarity with a range of types and genres of motion pictures, and an ability to classify them broadly according to type (e.g., realist, classical, formalist)

  • basic understanding of film theory as leading to different approaches to film analysis

3. Practice

  • basic understanding of how films are made, and of their component parts

  • ability to articulate aesthetic considerations in the analysis of the moving image

  • ability to generate relevant questions in the examination of a motion picture that can lead to a coherent analysis of the work

  • ability to construct and articulate, orally and in writing, an analytical argument about a range of film texts, from avant garde to classical narrative, from commercials to news stories to visual essays

  • ability to approach non-American films with an understanding of values and aesthetics outside of dominant Hollywood cinema

Major Requirements

The major requires completion of 10.25 units. ENG 254 Introduction to Film Studies is required of all Film Studies majors (and minors). Additionally, to complete the major students must take at least 4 units from Group A and at least 1 unit from Group B. No more than 3 units from Group C may be applied to the major. During the spring semester of their senior year, students must complete the FLMS 400.1 Senior Portfolio (0.25cr).

A maximum of 3 transfer credits may be applied to the major.

See the updated list of courses available that fulfill each requirement.

Print your checklist for major requirements.

Required Courses

Required courses: 1.25 units

  • ENG 254  - Introduction to Film
  • FLMS 400 1 - Senior Portfolio

Group A

Group A courses with a primary focus on film (at least 4 units required for major)

Group B

Group B Courses with a significant focus on film or skills relevant to film (at least 1 unit required for major)

Topic Dependent Courses (Groups A, B, or C)

Topic-dependent courses when the topic focuses on film. May count as Group A, B, or C, depending on the focus. Counting these courses in the major requires approval from the Film Studies Program Director.


  • A maximum of 3 transfer credits may be applied to the major (Transfer credits may include film production courses. Courses are available at other Ohio Five schools at no additional charge to OWU students; they are also available at the Columbus College of Art and Design.