2019-2020 Catalog 
    Feb 28, 2020  
2019-2020 Catalog

English, English for Educators Concentration

Professors Caplan, DeMarco, Hipsky, Olmstead
Associate Professors Allison, Comorau, Long, Poremski, Ryan
Assistant Professor Butcher
Part-time Associate Professor Stephens
Senior Lecturer Stull

ENG 150 is required for all English majors. Prospective and declared majors are strongly encouraged to take ENG 150 in their first or second year, before enrolling in upper-level courses. However, if a Junior or Senior English major has not yet taken ENG 150 and has successfully completed several upper-level English courses, then the student may petition to the Department chair to substitute ENG 380 for ENG 150. Unless this petition is approved, ENG 150 will be required to complete the major. Students are encouraged to plan ahead with regard to required seminars and advanced workshops.

Learning Objectives

1. Students will learn how to situate diverse literary, cinematic, and cultural texts within social, historical, and aesthetic contexts, including the history of literary periods and genres as well as the history of English as a global language.

2. Students will cultivate close reading skills, including the ability to recognize and analyze literary language, forms, and conventions, as well as a sensitivity to language itself as a medium of communication and expression.

3. Student will develop writing skills, including the ability to construct a thesis-driven argument supported by textual evidence and research, as well as facility with using or adapting the conventions of literary genres to argumentative or artistic purposes. 

4. Students will come to appreciate the manifold ways in which literary, cinematic, and cultural texts enrich human experience, contributing to a person’s ability to understand the world and self in new ways.

Major Requirements